Wednesday, January 4, 2012

30 before 30

This post is less about food (though there are a few food related goals on here) and more about the things I want part of my life. I have a year and a half before turning 30. Rather than doing a traditional bucket list, I'm doing a 30 before 30 list. I would've posted this list on January 1st, but I was having trouble getting the last few ideas. Let's see how many things I can cross off!

1. Re-learn Italian. I used to be quite good at Italian, spoke some with family and even took two years worth in college. I need to reconnect to my heritage more and language is a great way to do so.

2. Create and maintain an emergency fund. If you're anything like me, money is always an issue. There's always something coming up. For the sake of peace of mind, an emergency fund is a must. I'm not sure if I can realistically do more than three months, so we'll shoot for that.

3. Move back to Arizona. Arizona is where I consider home and where I have been most happy. I cannot wait to get back there. 

4. Enroll in a doctoral program. This is a big "if" at this point. I have applied to schools and we'll see if I get in. I will find out in about a month (I should probably put patience on this list too since the wait is killing me).

5. Do a Bikram 30 day challenge. I have been practicing Bikram for years. The closest I ever got to a 30 day challenge was practicing 6 times a week. Something always came up (mainly because I was working such long hours I missed classes for the day). Ideally, I want to have my 30th class in 30 days to end on my 30th birthday.

6. Write "just in case" letters to my family. Letters for my loved ones to know how I feel about them in my life in case anything should happen to me, I wouldn't die not knowing for sure that they knew how much they mean to me.

7. Pay off credit cards. This one is going to be a challenge (especially if I complete #4). It's always hung over my head and over the last year, I've been working to get them gone!

8. Fall in love. This is another big "if". We'll see what happens.

9. Archive family photos, history, and stories. I don't want to lose the stories of my family to time. It's important to know where you come from and humanize the people in your life...know the real them.

10. Read one book for fun each month. In particular, I want to re-read my favorite author's books (Jane Austen).

11. Own a Le Creuset French oven. I love the cast iron Le Creuset line. In particular, I want this one.

12. Buy & drink a bottle of wine that cost me at least $30. (If I get it in a restaurant, it'll be a $60 of wine!)

13. Finish my blanket. I've been working on a scrap knitted blanket for about two years now. It's maybe 1/4 done. I need to actually make something I keep for me.

14. Learn to crochet. I have all my grandmother's crochet needles, yarn, etc. and really need to do something with it all. She was amazing at crochet and knitting.

15. Write a handwritten note for a friend once a month. I love receiving a giving real letters (you know, with a stamp and whatnot); Always makes me feel loved and puts a smile on my face.

16. Visit & backpack Zion National Park. So beautiful! I regret not visiting there when I lived closer.

17. Write one thing I am grateful for each day. Pretty self explanatory.

18. Get up one hour early for one week. This will do a couple of things. One I've been going to bed so late that I struggle to get up in the morning and this will force me to fall alseep earlier. Two, I want to spend this extra time making a good breakfast (instead of eating on the go), read the newspaper, etc. Not start my day in such a fog.

19. Take insurance pictures. This is another peace of mind thing, especially if I'll be moving. Want to take pictures of my valuables for my renters insurance.

20. Operation Beautiful at least 30 times. This is the idea that you surprise people with anonymous notes telling them they are loved, beautiful just they way they are, etc. Spreading positive thing and energy. (It'd be nice to go into a public bathroom and see a note of encouragement as opposed to other things written on the walls.)

21. Compile and organize my recipes. I have recipes scattered all over the place. On this blog, on my flash drive, hard drive, random scrapes of paper...time to actually see what I have.

22. Get an Advanced Health Care Directive, Living Will, and Will drawn up. Again with the peace of mind. I used to have a living will, but it has expired long ago. It's time to know that in case something happens, my wishes will be upheld...and to figure out specifically what those wishes are.

23. Send out two care packages for a friend. I love receiving fun mail... i.e. not bills. A package of little things to let someone know I'm thinking of them.

24. Host a dinner party/get together for friends/family every other month. I love hosting people at my home and cooking for them. (Food is love in my house.) It'll be a great way to make sure I'm staying connected with those who mean the most to me in my life.

25. Take a martial arts class. Something fun about the idea of learning control, exercising, and kicking someone's butt all at the same time.

26. Hike Havasupai. This is another thing I regret not doing when I lived in Arizona. See amazing pictures here.

27. Attend a chocolate festival. Do I even really need to explain this one???

28. Find a good lipstick. To this day, I still have not found a good lipstick I feel looks good on me. I don't actually own any currently. I thought I found a decent shade recently and that was a bust once I got it home. Every woman should own a vixen red lipstick at some point or another.

29. Go to a black tie affair. I want to dress up in a formal dress and have a great night out.

30. Volunteer more often. I tend to have bursts of volunteer work. I'd like to find something that I can volunteer my time (not just money) with on a more regular basis.


  1. great list! there are several on here that i also want to do too. i'll leave the lipstick and crocheting to you though. :) thanks for sharing your dreams with us. xo

  2. Guess I should also mention that cosmetic stores (like Ulta, Sephora, etc) make me really anxious. Like I need to run out screaming, so I'm thinking if I can find one lipstick, I'll never have to spend much time in stores like that again (especially considering that I wear very little makeup to begin with).