Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New beginnings...

I have succumbed to technology finally. I have a blog. This is a big deal for someone who still has a cell phone that has no internet capabilities and can only make/receive phone calls and text message. To those who wish to mock, just remember, at least I have a cell phone!

So about this blog. I have found myself in an interesting position lately. One in which I am not exactly comfortable. I moved to the DC area almost two years ago. This was and is quite the adjustment for me. I moved from Arizona. A place that I love. Unfortunately, the school system in Arizona is not the most diverse; therefore, my graduate degree took me to the east coast. I have since finished my degree (thankfully!) and have been in a position to actively contemplate "what next" for the last six months. I have gotten the urge to start fresh. This move has not been an easy one and I have learned in the past that when I'm desiring a change, it's best to trust my instinct and go with it.

I am proud to say that I will be moving out of my current shared apartment to a one bedroom apartment in six weeks. I am quite excited to be living along again. For anyone who has had roommates, you understand completely I'm sure. I already started to go through all my belongings and thinning out the herd. Yes, I said I was excited. I was feeling quite accomplished until I got to the kitchen cabinet that is home to the cookbooks. They don't exactly fit well in there as they lay on top of one another to maximize space. As I flipped through many of the pages, some worn, some pristine, I hadn't really done them justice. There were so many colorful sticky notes poking out as if to say "make me!" or "I'm yummy!". Okay, maybe not I'm yummy, but I'd like to think that if food was personified, it'd be rather proud of itself. Many of those sticky notes; however, represent so many recipes that I had the intention of making, but for one reason or another never did.

It was at that moment that I decided to do a friends cookbook. I emailed just about everyone I know to send me their favorite recipes with a little note describing what makes it so special. I will be compiling them into one cookbook and then re-distributing them. That way we can go through all those sticky note littered books and start weeding them out.

My only thing is that as I started looking through these recipes, I realized that the food all represented a time in my life, an event, a relationship, a moment in time. So, in an effort to get my life more, well, more, I'll be exploring. At the very least, I'll get some great recipes out of it!