Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wine Bottle Cake

This week is my brother's birthday. To celebrate he, his family, and a couple of close friends came over last night for a small feast. One of our friends, Matt, had his birthday on Friday, so it was a joint celebration. Since my brother and his wife are complete winos (they LOVE the wineries), I designed a cake (complete with many sketches) that would fit that love. The base, "crate", of the cake is a two layer chocolate cake, filled with strawberry preserves. I covered the sides with marshmallow fondant, dyed brown, scored and then painted a darker brown for contrast. The top is covered with chocolate shavings for the "packaging". Then the wine bottle is a yellow cake, covered in marshmallow fondant. I thought it may have been a little small for all six of us, but even with generous portions, we still only got through about half the cake. :-) Thankfully for my waistline, they took home the leftovers. Happy Birthday Vinnie and Matt!!

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