Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cooking Class

I finally splurged on a cooking class. It was actually during a time when I didn't have work. I had been waiting months to be able to save up the money AND work my schedule around it. Plus, I had to get over the tinge of guilt I felt about spending that money when it could be going to bills and other places. (I could really use new socks.) But, a couple of weeks ago, I did it. I hit "submit" on the little button that charged my debit card. I was going to a intro to fondant class. It was two hours long, and about 45 minutes away. Oh, and all the forecasts were predicting a "wintery mix". I hate that phrase by the way. Wintery mix. Aka Evilness coming down from the sky. (On a side note, I am extremely homesick for AZ right now.) So, I dragged myself into my car, abandoning my sweet parking spot (a commodity in the Washington DC area) and made my way out to the suburbs.

I had a great time! (Even though the evilness was coming down on my way home.) I made two lovely little roses and managed to make my cake nice and even. Ignore the slight crack down the middle (the result of the evilness and me slipping on the way to my car). Now I just have to save up more splurging money and schedule time to take more classes. Up next: knife skills.


  1. Did you take a cooking class at Sur La Table? They have some pretty good ones. Clint and I took a chocolate making class once, and it was great.

  2. Hi Astrid! It was at Cookology, but I heard that Sur La Table also have great classes!